Zoom Reunions Survey for MHS '60

Dear Classmates,

Many of us have enjoyed reconnecting with each other at class reunions over the years. However, now that we are in our 80s, it seems unlikely that we'll be able to pull off any more wonderful weekend reunions in Montclair. But that's no reason to let our connections with old friends fade away. 

Staying in touch with our MHS classmates can widen our world and help to fend off the isolation that may accompany retirement, loss of family and friends, and concerns about our health. Doctors tell us that loneliness is bad for us. If that's true, why not let Zoom help us out?   

Our class funds can pay for a Zoom license that would allow up to 100 participants to get together online and share our stories and ideas as often as we like. The sessions would be free for you and for all of our classmates who would like to participate. All we would need is your preferred email address and your name -- both as you were known in high school and as you are known today.  

Are you interested?  Please answer this preliminary survey and let us know whether you think we should consider setting up Zoom reunions. (Or not.)  If enough people are interested, your answers will help us figure out how to proceed. There are just 16 quick-and-easy questions. Remember to click SUBMIT at the very bottom of the survey, after Question #16.  If you don't see the "Submit" button, make sure you have logged into the website.

To view the responses to the survey, click on the "View Survey Results" button below.

Many thanks,

Linda, with support from Rick Boschen

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1)   What was your name in high school? What is your name now?

If you prefer to remain anonymous, that's fine.
2)   Have you ever used Zoom to participate in a meeting, attend a class, or enjoy a get-together with family or friends?

  Yes. I have used Zoom at least once.
  No, but I am willing to try it.
  No. I am Zoom-phobic.
3)   How often would you like to get together with classmates on Zoom?

  Once a week
  Every other week
  Once a month
  Several times a year
  Never. I am not interested in participating in a Zoom Reunion. (If you answered "Never," you don't need to go any further with this survey. Just click “Submit” at the bottom.) )

You can check more than one answer if you like.
4)   What day and time (in your time zone) would you like to participate in a Zoom reunion?

  Weekday morning
  Weekday afternoon
  Weekday evening
  Saturday morning
  Saturday afternoon
  Saturday evening
  Sunday morning
  Sunday afternoon
  Sunday evening

You can check more than one day and time that would work for you.
5)   What time zone do you live in?

  Other (please write in name)

If you change zones for part of the year, please select more than one answer.
6)   Our Zoom license would allow as many as 100 classmates to participate on-screen at any given time. However, we can limit the number if we choose. In your opinion, what would be the optimal number of classmates in a Zoom session?

  Up to 15
  Up to 25
  Up to 40
  Up to 60
  Up to 100
  No opinion
7)   Would you be willing to turn on your camera so that we can see your face on screen? (Nobody expects you to look 18!)

  Of course!
  No way!
8)   Would you enjoy "zooming" with classmates even if you didn't know them very well at MHS?

  Yes. I would enjoy interacting with classmates whom I never got to know in high school.
  No. I would join a Zoom session ONLY IF my close friends were participating.
9)   In a Zoom session with classmates, do you think you would like to spend most of the time talking or listening?

  Mostly talking and sharing stories, ideas, advice, and experiences with others.
  Mostly listening to what others have to say.
  Both talking and listening.
10)   In your opinion, how should a Zoom session be structured?

  A classmate "host" should introduce a topic and facilitate the entire conversation.
  A classmate "host" should introduce a topic and then let it go wherever it leads.
  I would prefer a "no-host" free-wheeling conversation with no apparent structure.
11)   In your opinion, would it be helpful to have a conversation topic announced ahead of time?

  Yes. A pre-announced topic would serve as a conversation starter and would encourage a worthwhile sharing of ideas.
  No. I would prefer that the conversation not be limited in any way.
12)   What topics would YOU like to discuss? Do you think any topics should be off limits?

13)   Have you ever organized, scheduled, or hosted a Zoom meeting yourself?

  Yes. I have experience and I would be happy to offer advice on logistics. (Please add your name and email address here.)
  Yes. I have experience, but I don't wish to get involved with this project.
  No. I have no experiece to share.
14)   Would you like to be part of a small team that looks at the results of this survey and considers next steps?

  Yes. Please let me know how I can help. (Please add your name and email address here.)
  No thanks.
15)   Do you have any questions?

16)   Do you have any suggestions? Is there anything else you would like to say?