2020 Reunion Survey

Dear Classmates,

Believe it or not, 2020 is approaching! Some classmates are thinking that the chance to have a 60th reunion for the class of '60 is too good to pass up!  Please help us sort out the possibilities by answering some brief questions about your opinons and preferences.

You will be able to see the results of this survey as they come in by looking at "2020 Reunion Survey" in the blue margin on the left of the Home Page just under "Classmate Profiles."  The results will be collective (not individual).  All answers will be anonymous (unless you care to add your name as part of a personal comment). So please give us your honest thoughts.

When you are finished, please remember to click "Submit" at the bottom.

Many thanks!


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1)   * Would you be interested in attending a 60th REUNION of the Class of '60?

  Absolutely YES
  Probably YES if health and circumstances allow
  Maybe yes, maybe no
  Probably NOT
  Absolutely NOT
2)   If you answered "Probably Not" or "Absolutely Not" is there anything reunion planners could do to make it easier for you to attend?

Are you concerned about travel or health issues? Getting around? Cost? Not remembering anybody? Maybe we can help.
3)   What time of year would you prefer to attend a reunion?

  Spring 2020
  Summer 2020
  Fall 2020
  Any season is fine.

Check as many answers as you like.
4)   What time of the week would you prefer?

  Long weekend
  Any time is fine.

Check as many answers as you like.
5)   How much time would you like to spend at a reunion?

  One evening only
  One day only
  A day and an evening
  2 or 3 days/evenings
  Daytime events only
  Nighttime events only

Check as many answers as you like.
6)   Is mobility an issue for you?

  I would be able to drive to any events in or around Montclair.
  I would enjoy excursions to interesting places if I did not have to drive.
  I would not be driving. I would like all reunion events to be held in one place.
  I do not drive at night.
  Other concerns?

Check as many answers as you like.
7)   Considering what you would need to spend on transportation and lodging to attend Reunion, what is a comfortable amount for you to spend on reunion activities themselves?

For example, activities might include reunion dinner, optional excursion to New York, etc.
Important Note: The MHS'60 bank account still has a considerable amount of money in it. Reunion planners would have some existing funds to apply to reunion costs.
8)   Would you like to help make our Reunion happen? Please tell us your name, where you live, and what you would like to do to help (join a planning committee, call classmates, email or text classmates, mail reunion information, organize an activity? take charge??)

At this point, we have two classmates who are very eager to get the planning underway with phone calls and mailings, but they need some Montclair or New Jersey area classmates who are interested in moving forward and taking charge. Last time, the "committee" consisted of classmates who lived all over the country as well as in New Jersey. Much of the planning was done by email. Everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to help.
9)   Do you have any ideas, questions, or concerns that you would like to share? What kind of "feel" would you like the Reunion to have?

Casual get-togethers? Formal dinner? Lots of organized activities? Lots of free unstructured time?
10)   Would you like to be on an email list to hear more about reunion plans as they develop?

  Yes please. Best email address is....
  No thanks.