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Ron Philpott passed on May 14, 2022 in Arizona. 


Photos of Ron Philpott from 1960 MHS Amphitheater  and Ron's Facebook page.


From Jesse Filkins:

 I sadly have to convey that Ron Philpott passed away on Saturday May 14th. As usual, Ron was in great spirits and proceeded comfortably to heaven.
            Ron was in poor health for the last couple of years and resided in assisted 
living homes in Arizona, close to his son Brian, three grandsons and three great grandchildren.
             As you know, Ron was a proud member of the class of 60 and was involved in many activities over the years.  He stayed in touch with many of his former classmates via the telephone and social media; I can attest that his voice mail was always full.
              Basketball was our lives during our teen years, with many hours spent at the Colored "Y" on Washington Street and throughout the east coast playing at other segregated facilities.
             I hope our classmates appreciated Ron's contributions to our lives. He was most proud of his intellectual accomplishments, particularly in his three-time ascension to the World Series of 
Poker finals in Las Vegas; he cashed handsomely twice, once after winning the Arizona qualifying event where he proudly defeated Ferguson Jenkins, a Chicago Cubs laudatory of our generation.
              Ron's family greatly misses "Pop Pop".




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05/22/22 11:56 AM #2    

Vernon Williams

From Vernon Williams 

John and I are so sorry that our stepbrother, Ronnie, has left us for now. We will miss the supreme gamesman, his quick wit and great sense of humor. He was ever the optimist and tended to look on the bright side of things. We miss him already.  We look forward to being with him again.

Vernon and John Williams

05/22/22 11:57 AM #3    

Barbara Mansell (Ramsay)


What a pleasure to know Ron.  He was a very good man, caring, smart, talented and funny.  He loved music, and made his baby grand sing.  He will be missed.  Barbara (Mansell) Ramsay




05/22/22 12:45 PM #4    

Craig Magher



Thank you for keeping us in the loop with this sad news. Ron was a super friendly guy who was the first to walk across the room to say hello. We were in a few math classes together- he was obviously paying attention and showed his skills in Vegas. I always asked Ron about you and was pleased to learn you have enjoyed life in Arizona.




05/23/22 03:42 PM #5    

Viola Palmer

Ron and I started out at Boston University together after graduating from Montclair HS. I received a surprise email from him after some 46 years in 2007. From there we enjoyed updating each other on our lives in much detail. When he made the poker finals in Las Vegas and wrote about the experience in wonderful detail, I really enjoyed experiencing it vicariously through him.

Vi Palmer

05/24/22 01:18 PM #6    

Lawrence Robinson

From whiffleball to our kids playing whiffleball; what a journey.  It doesn't end here.  Life is eternal and Ron is on another leg of his journey to enrich his soul.

05/24/22 03:33 PM #7    

Michael Pecherer

Ron was a pal.  We often talked during the high school days and I have warm and friendly memories of him.  He carried a smile and always was engaging, friendly and genuine.  He was one of a handful of people that I kept in touch with in the later years.  We would speak on the phone from time to time.  He was always upbeat and positive about life even when things weren't going quite the way he might have wanted.  His passing reminds me that those of us who are left have numbered days and it encourages me to continue to live life fully as did Ron.  Ron and I and all of us remaining represent an era that is long gone.  Our lives were simplier and we shared dreams of better futures that many of us realized.  That is not to ignore the social and economic problems that then existed, but my long friendship with Ron confirms to me that such problems can be resolved when we are together in the effort.  I will miss him

05/24/22 04:03 PM #8    

Leroy Wilkinson

Leroy Wilkinson:                                                                                                                                                       I was very surprised to hear about Ronnie's passing.I was in Panama and Freddy Roberts text me and asked if I heard of his passing. Ronnie and I go back Sunday school. Our families are from Bermuda which brought us closer together. I spoke to Ronnie about 5 months ago and said one of the craziest things we did was to tape flashlights to our bicycle handle bars and go up to eagle rock and come down the seven bends without stopping until we got back to his house. (There was another person with us but we couldn't remember who it was).           I'll miss Him and our reminiscing about the old days.

05/25/22 06:10 AM #9    

Barry Hampton

05/25/2022 - Wednesday - 5:53a.m.

I was taken back and surprised to hear about Ronnie. Leroy Wilkinson called me from Panama.

Ronnie called me the very end of March, 2022 and, was in good spirits. He texted me his address and encouraged us to keep in touch. Last saw him when I was in the Scottsdale, AZ. area a few years ago and, He (Ronnie) and Jesse Filkins stopped by the hotel to see me. 

Ronnie as recently as our last call could remember thing that I am still stuggling to remember as we speak.

We go back to paper route days and George Inness. A great guy and fantastic friend. He'll be missed.

Our prayers go out to Ronnie's family.

Barry Hampton




05/25/22 10:54 AM #10    

Don Lefelar

My most favorite memory of Ron was playing basketball against him in gym class. He was always easy-going and had great shot. They were good times and he was a good man.


My most vivid memory of Ron was playing basketball against him in gym class. He was always easy-going and had great shot. They were good times and he was a good man.


Don Lefelar 

05/26/22 06:26 AM #11    

David Appleton

I have vague memories of Ronnie during  GI and MHS days... so many memories are vague lately.  But I have vivid memories of working with him on MHS 60 reunions.  He worked dilligently and brought a welcome sense of humor to meetings.  I enjoyed reminicing with him.  And I was delighted to learn of his poker succcess in recent years. .He's another of our class members I wish I had known better....and longer.  David Appleton


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