Frank Rubino reports that all of these classmates have been very generous  with extra donations to support our reunion and website. 
Many thanks to all! 
Bruce Adams
Doris Andrews Anderson
David Appleton
Jean Banks Anderson
Susan Becker Knight
Jack Brigham
Jim Bruett
Rochelle Caggiano Schait
Jim Cestone
La Verne Criss Walker
Eugene Duncan
Marjorie Eich Garwig
Brooke Hench Gieda
Norma Halsey Trewhella
Jan Holt Wright
Tom Kasline
Roxa Kinsey Canovaca
Janet Kipp Tribus
Donna Lake Wright
Don Lefelar
Craig Magher
Dennis McHugh
Elizabeth Morrow Edwards
Delores Morton Munford
Dick Loomis
John Orders
Phillip Pearson
Michael Pecherer
Harry Robinson
Diana Russ Harmon
Joyce Sgroi
Jonathan Wells
Andy Widmark
Leroy Wilkinson