Lost Addresses

The mailing addresses for these classmates no longer work. 
Do you have any clues about their whereabouts
Please give me whatever information you have by clicking on "Contact Us" on the right side of the Home Page.
Marguerite Battista Innarella
Andrew Benzemann
Joan Bookhart Malloy
Gwynn Brown
Eddie Bullock
Norma Caggiano Intrabartolo
Dominick Ciccaralla
Julia Clair Carter
Alfred Conover
Peter Cuozzo
Marilyn Dobrina Adubato
Ralph Holt
Warren Kupchik
Ginny Lacey
Anne McDonough Willhardt
Donald Mosby
Robert O’Neill
Marion Perry
Ethel Peters
Fred Porzig
Victor Purrazzo
William Robinson
Dorothea Tedesco
Sandy Toth Guido
Nancy Tucker Reed
Gwen Westee
We have never had addresses for the following classmates.  Do you have any clues?
Teddy J. Africano
Charles R. Anderson
Alan R.N. Bascome
Charles A. Beverly
Edward D. Butler
Mary Alice Carey
Linda (Carolyn M.) Cassio
Peter W. Christiansen
Linda B. Cooper
Florence Crew
Everett A. Daniel
Phyllis A. Danisi
Connie J. Getto
Dale A. Huff
Richard B. Johnson
Robert W. Kerns
Thomas H. Kimmel
Robert P. Nelson
Diana Nesino
Patricia O’Dea
Brenda R. Palmer
Carl E. Peterson
Margo Ream
Frank A. Reciniello
Thomas E. Reese
Barbara Ryan
Rosemarie Sargese
Donald B. Stevens
Charline G. Truesdell
Janet M. Warnock
Odette M.Watts
Helen R. Westee
Patricia J. Wilson
Shirley Wise Cowart