Charlotte Gerber's photo website


Charlotte Gerber Turner's photo website

Charlotte invites you to enjoy more than 100 of her photographs on her new  website

The photographs are organized in 10 categories: Awards, Momentary, People, Architecture, Documentary, Abstract, Street, Black and White, Scenery, and Travel. 

The 100+ photographs on Charlotte's new website will open your eyes to places and people of New York City (and elsewhere) that you might never notice on your own. A page called "About" decribes Charlotte's personal involvement with photography over the years.  Another page called "Contact" provides an easy way for you to send her a message or question. 


Charlotte writes:

THIS is a LOVE story over time. My romance with photography started in 6th grade at Grove Street School. In 2019, our classmate Michael Brodie invited me to join him in an online photography class which resulted in a new adventure into photography and the creation of this website. I hope you will enter my website and come along with me on this EXCITING journey.


Here is one of Charlotte's award-winning photographs:

Topsy Curvy.  Charlotte Gerber Turner


Can you figure out how Charlotte made this photograph?  (She did not use any photoshop techniques.)

Here are a few clues:

1. There is a sculpture by contemporary artist Anish Kapoor.

2. The sculpture has a highly reflective surface.

3. Charlotte is in the photograph.

Now enjoy more than 100 more of Charlotte's photos at


Need help navigating the site?  Here are some general directions to follow.  Keep in mind that your device may operate differently. 

* Find a list of 10 categories of photographs on the left side of your screen (Awards, Momentary, People, Architecture, Documentary, Abstract, Street, Black and White, Scenery, Travel)

* Click on one of the categories (for example, Architecture). You will reach a page with a number of  small photos on the Architecture theme. 

* To see an enlargement of one of the small photos, click on it. 

* To see enlargements of other photos on the Architecture theme, move forward or backward or scroll up or down, depending on how your device works.

* To get back to the main Architecture page that shows all the architecture photos together, click on the black X in the upper right corner of the screen.

* The same black X takes you back to the list of all the other categories on the left side of your screen. 

* Follow the same directions to explore another category.